Cornwall Optimist Minor Ball Hockey League (COMBHL)
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We All Start Somewhere 

The Tiny “CREW” is a skills development program for young players from 4 to 6 years of age half floor. If your player is ready for the Big “CREW” at 6 then “Game On” 

The program's objective is to teach new participants ball hockey skills while having fun. 

Instructions are done weekly to allow all participants the opportunity to understand what they are learning and then practice the drills in a regular league game helping them develop basic playing skills. 

Skills taught must be demonstrated slowly to the players since the players are young and must completely understand the movements required to master a skill. We at the COMBHL want to give the new player the best opportunity to understand and have fun playing the game of Ball Hockey. 

Get your player off the bench and in the game, registration is open link in main menu