Cornwall Optimist Minor Ball Hockey League (COMBHL)
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What you need to play in the COMBHL

As we approach the 2024 season,COMBHL ball hockey equipment requirements are likely to remain largely the same as they are today just like our cost  we are still only $150 for the season. However, it is always important to stay up-to-date on any changes or updates to equipment regulations in order to ensure safety and fair play.

At present, the equipment requirements for ball hockey include a helmet with a full face mask, shin guards, elbow pads, gloves, and a protective cup. COMBHL Supplies Goalie Equipment with the exception of the jock or jill, Hockey Helmet and Cage .  Additionally, all players must wear running shoes, and a stick NO PLASTIC BLADES:
Not required but we recommend a mouth guard. Don't forget your water bottle.  

It is possible that future updates to equipment regulations may be implemented in order to further improve safety for players. It is important for players, coaches, to stay informed of any such changes in order to ensure compliance. Overall, by prioritizing safety and adhering to equipment regulations, COMBHL ball hockey can continue to be a fun and exciting sport for all involved.